About Me

I am a weaver of beads with needle and thread. My work ranges from small scale jewelry items to one of a kind exhibit pieces. My current interests are in metalsmithing and textiles with a goal of bringing creativity and innovation to my work. I dabble in photography too. Please use the contact link above for inquiries.

For general interests in beadweaving, please see my beading news blog: beadweaver.blogspot.com 

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Healdsburg Art Fair

Hi Friends, 

If you visited me last weekend at the Healdsburg Art Fair and would like to contact me about a piece you saw, please use the Contact form. You'll find the tab on the upper right of this page. 

It was great meeting both art enthusiasts and artists and I look forward to seeing you again!

best wishes,



There is something about beads. Shiny, matte, translucent, opalescent beads. Tiny drops of glass waiting, wishing to be strung together in a harmonious cacophony of color, texture, and form. What a joy to weave them - one by one, two by two- into miles long fabric that speaks its own language. A tradition as old as Homo sapiens; not lost (never lost) only rediscovered each generation with new ideas and forms and ways of weaving built upon those that have come before. 
Ah, my beads. I love my beads. They talk to me, sing to me, yell at me, scream at me! Where would I be without my beads? My language? Look. Listen. Touch. Feel. My beads.
They are beautiful. 
They are my voice. 
Listen closely and you will hear them. They will reach out and touch your soul.