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I am a weaver of beads with needle and thread. My work ranges from small scale jewelry items to one of a kind exhibit pieces. My current interests are in metalsmithing and textiles with a goal of bringing creativity and innovation to my work. I dabble in photography too. Please use the contact link above for inquiries.

For general interests in beadweaving, please see my beading news blog: beadweaver.blogspot.com 

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I recently discovered an artist who writes a beautiful blog that I now follow. I find her work inspiring. Her name is Jude Hill and you can find her site at: spiritcloth.typepad.com

It all began when I was asked to create one of my Xhosa inspired cuffs for another textile artist friend. The cuff uses wool which I add beadwork and embroidery to. It's very simple, really. 

And so I pulled out my wool stash. I have some 100% wool felt that I bought at Joanne's. It's a pretty wool but the texture was a bit coarse. So I washed it and washed it and washed it. I got this lovely light, fluffy woolen fabric. Like freshly fallen snow.  The fibers are a bit loose so it's a bit messy, but nice nonetheless. So I pulled out this wool and thought, I am just going to randomly embroider this with beads and thread and see what happens. And so I did. It really was amazing what came out of it. 

I started at one corner and went to the other. And pretty soon a face formed. And then I had to add a word. I've been particularly stressed lately with my very old, very infirmed sweet companion dog. And so this is what happened. 

And, as I am always thinking of function, a purse formed. I lined it. I added snaps for the sides so that it could be displayed flat or snapped up as a carry-all. 

And then I started to do some research online and that's when I discovered this movement of "Slow stitching." Which led me to Claire Wellesley-Smith's Slow Stitching book. Which led me to Jude's site. Add to that my love for Cathy Cullis's work and so off I have been going...in a new direction. But with a better felt ( Belgian-from PurlSoho in NYC). 

I've combined a Crow-style stitch with opening up an area for cloth stitching. I plan to use an Iroquois styled edging - inspired by my friend Nick's recent venture into woodland styled work. As for the Xhosa cuff, I am still working on it. My friend lives in Alaska so it takes a while getting the fit right...